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DJ Party

DJ / Entertainment

Meet them face to face to get to know them. Your booking should be based on their personality as well as their talent. Confirm they fit your personality and vision for your day.

Do they carry back up equipment? They should be prepared with back up’s just in case something goes wrong electronically.

How often do they upgrade? Every 3-5 years is standard.

Are they nickel and diming you? Do your research on package pricing and what's included.

Ask them to show you examples of what the set up will look like on your day. It should look clean and professional.

Ask if the DJ will be a 1099 subcontractor or W2 permanent employee.

Ensure your vendor carries the proper insurance and licensing.

The Real Questions to Ask Your Potential Vendors...

When planning a wedding, it can be difficult to know what to ask or how to prepare. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? With so many resources and opinions out there, who can you trust to ensure you’re getting valuable information that will enhance your wedding experience and not the other way around? We have asked the area’s top professionals to weigh in on real information to help your day go smoothly. There is no fluff here, no promotional angle, no sponsors, just beneficial tips and tricks from those who have made careers working with couples on their big day. We are hitting all the major categories from photography to formal wear and everything in between. We hope this information helps your wedding planning experience and assists in creating your perfect day!

Wedding Kiss


Ask how many weddings your lead photographer does each year (40-45 is the average minimum for a full-time professional.)

Ask your photographer to see at least four full client galleries from the time of year you’ll be getting married (around the same month and within the past year). Make sure they are the full galleries the client received and not blog posts – this is not the same! If you can see a full gallery from your venue, that’s a bonus.

Ask if the lead photographer will be a 1099 subcontractor or W2 permanent employee.

Ensure your vendor carries the proper insurance and licensing.

Ask about how they handle different lighting situations (inclement weather, after dark, indoors), and ask to see examples.

Ask what the guaranteed turnaround time for all images (not teasers), how the images will be received, and in what resolution.



Ask how many weddings they do a year (30-35 is the average minimum for a full-time professional.)

Ask what the guaranteed turnaround time for the video(s) (not just a teaser), how the video(s) will be received, and in what resolution.

See other full videos they have delivered on from previous weddings. If you can see a video from your venue, that’s a bonus.

Ask about their lighting, make sure they have appropriate lighting that won’t take away from your wedding, but enhance it.

Ask about the quality of their equipment . Current industry standard is 4k cameras with 3-axis gimbals.

Ask if the lead videographer will be a 1099 subcontractor or W2 permanent employee.

Ensure your vendor carries the proper insurance and licensing.

Hair Stylist

Hair & Make-up

Make sure they specialize in bridal hair and makeup. They should be licensed, certified, and insured.

How many weddings do they do a year? The minimum for professionals should be around 60-65 per year.

How much time will it take to complete the bride and bridal party?

How many individuals per artist? Make sure they have enough artists to support the size of your party.

Ask about their products, they should carry a variety of hair and makeup products that are high quality and industry tried and tested.

Don’t skip out on your trial! It’s the time to test out your wedding day look and work with your artist to ensure they get what you’re going for and can accomplish it.

Wedding Day


Aim to book your florist at least 9 months prior to your wedding date.

It is always advised to meet them in their store. They should have a brick and mortar location

Your florist should have several large walk-in coolers to properly store flowers

Where are they getting flowers from? It should be from a quality wholesaler, not a produce outlet or store.

Quality florists do not use any paints, sprays, or dyes that can, and will, drip on your dress, suit, or any formal wear, thus staining your wedding day attire.

Sit down with them to see if you connect with them as a vendor. They should be able to provide quality examples of their work.

There should be no fixed “packages” everything should be custom to your ideas. Make sure they get your vision!

Wedding Cake


Make sure you book with your baker at least 6 months out.

It is common for venues to have contracts with in-house bakers.

Meet them at their bakery so you can see the location inside and out. All food must be prepared in a commercially permitted and FDA approved and inspected kitchen. Baking out of a home residence is not legal in NJ.

Talk with them about their experience in building and transporting your wedding cake.

They should have consistent and quality work through the use of quality ingredients.

They should be able to provide examples of their work and a tasting for you prior to your wedding day.

Sit down and discuss what you’re looking for with your baker so they get your vision.

Check reviews and social media for previous clients experiences and up -to - date examples of their work.


Dress/Formal Wear

Do not order your dress online – go to a store to see sizes, colors, styles and material.

Before you go, call and ask the price point of their dresses to see if it fits your budget.

Don’t be afraid to mention your budget when you go for an appointment.

Ask if the bridal shop offers alterations and how they determine additional fees.

Let them know your wedding date and ensure they can accommodate your time frame.

Wedding Planner
Elegant Wedding

Wedding Planner

Ask how long they have been a wedding planner and how many weddings they plan each year.

They should have dozens under their belt already! At least 10 - 15 per year.

 A reputable wedding planner is in the industry for 3 years or more.

Ensure they are properly certified and carry proper licensing and insurance. They should be able to provide this.

Ask for at least three references from the past year.

Ask what would happen in the event a contracted vendor doesn’t show up on your wedding day.

Ask what their plan is if they became incapable of being there physically on your wedding day.

Feel free to share these secrets with anyone you know who's getting married

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